Paulina Okulska, Poland

I am a student from Kraków. I have completed my engineering degree in Urban Studies and am currently pursuing my Master’s degree, with a short-term scholarly rendez-vous in France’s Grenoble Alpes University. My engagement with heritage-related issues is deeply rooted in my passion for history, art and culture. I have always been fascinated in the history of my ancestors but also in the rich urban and cultural landscape of my city.

At present I am immersed in research for my Master’s thesis about the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and heritage branding, under the supervision of the UNESCO Chairman in Poland. My passion for languages is very useful in this research (apart from Polish, I speak fluent English and Spanish and intermediate Portuguese and German) and I always willingly approach new linguistic challenges in both my native language and English.

My fascination with heritage and history encouraged me to engage in the Learning from the Past project. I have had the chance to meet dedicated people who would like to explore the past of those individuals who had the courage to stand up for peace. I feel privileged that I can contribute to awareness about the events of that period and add a brick to the understanding of peace in those difficult times for Europe. It’s exciting to work with the group of volunteers. I hope the map encourages young people to ask questions and enrich their image of the interwar period.