Learning from the Past is a KA2 Erasmus+ project that aims to promote the European values of internationalism, equality and human rights.

Adult research volunteers from seven European countries are using oral histories, local archives, libraries and museums to research local history relating to peace and internationalism in the years following World War I. This learning is being documented through an online interactive map on the Learning from the Past website. The volunteers will then share these little-known histories with young people in their country and invite them to create films, theatre and visual art in response to this learning, linking it with contemporary issues of conflict and peace in Europe today. These artistic responses will be shared and discussed with the wider community in a series of ‘Living Museums’ across the partner countries in 2020.

In this time of increasing racism and challenge to the European values of internationalism, human rights and peace, understanding the past is important so that something like the Holocaust never happens again.

Learning from the Past project partners