Learning from the Past partners have identified several key impacts from the project. 

IMPACT 1: Uncovering important but ‘hidden’ histories in order to:

  • see our local communities in a new way
  • challenge conventional narratives about the places we live and the history we’ve inherited
  • stimulate critical thinking
  • reflect on the relevance of these stories for us today, including the ways such stories can ‘inspire’ and ’empower’


Hear LFTP partners from JKA in Germany, ZMŠT in Slovenia, Mi-Gen in the UK and STRIM in Poland reflect on the achievements of the project in terms of engaging critically with European histories of peace and international cooperation:


IMPACT 2: Building capacity among partners to:

  • run community heritage projects – bringing heritage learning to non-experts
  • create new partnerships/networks
  • work with new audiences
  • learn new and innovative ways of working
  • create new communities – diverse and intergenerational
  • develop new cohorts of regular volunteers
  • inspire new projects


Listen to Learning from the Past partners from ATA in Romania, FLM in Italy and Anthropolis in Hungary discuss how the project has helped to build the capacity of their organisations: