Anthropolis Anthropological Public Benefit Association was founded in 2002 by cultural anthropologists. Anthropolis’s mission is to analyse global issues, raise awareness of their impact, and support the development of critical global citizenship perspectives. The organisation works to strengthen the institutional background of education and visual anthropological research through global education and digital storytelling. Anthropolis published the first anthropological periodical in Hungary; produced documentaries on Hungarian minorities, people with special needs, migrants and on the Millennium Development Goals; organises media campaigns and awareness-raising festivals on global issues such as human rights, active citizenship, sustainability; and publishes educational toolkits for trainers and teachers as well as lecture books for elementary and secondary school students.

In the last decade Anthropolis has been working together with more than 40 European non-governmental organisations in the field of education, culture, research and social work. We have built strategic partnerships with local communities, decision-makers, universities, NGOs and educational development institutes.

Contact: Andrea Kolozs
E-mail: andreakolozs [at] anthropolis [dot] hu