Artistic responses – Anthropolis Hungary

Students from Kondoros Primary School were inspired by the Hungarian stories and the work of Hungarian artists to create a collage that reflects on their own lives in relation to the challenges of the 20th century.

Path of Life

The students were asked to visualise the inner path that they’ll go on through their life. They each created their ‘path’ using a range of materials including paper, textiles, wood, paint, wool, sandpaper and foil. The paths twist and turn, as the students explored how, during their journey, they will face problems, solutions and unexpected events. The collage joins their various paths together to represent both the twisting nature of the artists’ lives and the complexity of our past.

As the students used different materials, the final artwork became three dimensional. The collage is therefore not just a visual piece but a tangible experience, meaning that visually impaired people can also enjoy it.


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