Fondazione Luigi Micheletti

Fondazione Luigi Micheletti (FLM) is a library, an archive and a research centre on contemporary history, specializing in collecting and spreading material and immaterial heritage of the 20th and 21st century. In particular, scientific research and heritage selection aim to preserve and study the ideologies of the 20th century, the ambivalence of technical progress and the origin of environmentalism. FLM hosts a very rich collection of writings, postcards, photos, posters, videos, audio documents, but also objects and memorabilia.

FLM promoted the musil – Museum of Industry and Labour of Brescia, including three museums – on cinema, iron and hydroelectricity. One of our leading activities is the Luigi Micheletti Award, since 1996 the European award dedicated to museums of science, industry and contemporary history. Learning from the Past is a way to learn how to make our activities fresher and more participatory. That’s our hope, that’s our engagement.


Contact: René Capovin
E-mail: rcapovin [at] gmail [dot] com