Gianfranco Ruggeri

Gianfranco Ruggeri, Italy

Despite spending my working life as a career manager in private companies, I have always made a personal commitment to volunteering in both social and political activities. Among others, I have been a partner in a social cooperative in Brescia, many times a local councillor, local secretary of political party, La Margherita (2003/2008), and then local secretary of the centre-left Democratic Party. Now retired, I have recently been appointed a member of the board of the EULO Foundation, promoting the right to study along with continuous and managerial training, linking university and wider society. A former graduate in Political Science, I have always been interested in 20th century history, particularly the period between the two World Wars. For this reason, I accepted with enthusiasm the opportunity to research the Catholic Resistance against fascism in Lombardy within the LFTP project managed by the Micheletti Foundation. Consequently, I started studying the clandestine activities of the scout group (‘Wandering Eagles’) and the important figure of Teresio Olivelli. The research group in which I am involved works in such a way that I hope this is the first step toward further collaboration, including the dissemination of our results to a wider public.