Jugendkulturarbeit e.V.

Jugendkulturarbeit e.V. is a professional association established in 1995 in Oldenburg that offers cultural education activities and projects for children and young people. Our working methods derive from the fusion of performing arts (use of body and voice in relation to other objects or topics) with education for self-reflection, creativity, political and social issues, personal values, development etc. Jugendkulturarbeit e.V. works in different districts of the city and in cooperation with different educational centres, where our team leads theatre and dance workshops for children and young people.

Working with young people on various topics and using different work methods is our profession and dedication. This is our motivation to work on Learning from the Past. With our experience, we want to build up networks throughout international organizations, but we also want to gain insights into other approaches and develop more visibility for cultural youth work.

Contact: Karmen Murn
E-mail: k.murn [at] jugendkulturarbeit [dot] eu
Web: jugendkulturarbeit.eu