Klavdija Korošec

Klavdija Korošec, Slovenia

I am 29 years old. I come from Slovenia – a small country shaped like a hen. Last year I finished my studies in cultural sociology at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. Currently I live in Kalamata where I am working as a volunteer in a horse centre, helping with therapies for children with different disabilities. I am also a member of the amateur group Re(act) at MCTs Theatre of the Oppressed.  

I chose to be a volunteer in this project because I am searching for my first real job and I have a lot of free time which I want to spend as usefully as possible. I was willing to take part in this project because I found the topic really interesting and important for society. I think we should know history and its facts better because that is the main way to see and learn how can we avoid mistakes that were done in past. Also I think that Learning from the Past is a project which helps form responsibilities in all human beings and makes a better world that we are living in.