Luisa Ruggeri

Luisa Ruggeri, Italy

Both in my personal and professional lives, I have always put relationships first. For example, I preferred to teach in primary schools rather than high schools, where the relationship with semi-adult and semi-literate students is – in my view – less engaging and more distant. As I believe in the values of equality and peace, I have frequently participated in public demonstrations, initiatives and marches. Now retired, my commitment to volunteering has continued in the Diocesan Museum of Brescia – where I was born and bred – and recently also with the Micheletti Foundation. Here, in a collective piece of research, I have focused on some key figures who promoted peace in the interwar years. I already knew of don Primo Mazzolari, active not far from Brescia, and as a result it has been easy for me to share values and interests with what is a dynamic group of researchers, which now promises to pursue its original activity.