Youth Center Trbovlje

Youth Center Trbovlje (MCT) is a local public body, established in 2001 by the Municipality of Trbovlje with the purpose of implementing and coordinating different activities for- and with young people, cooperating with other actors of the European youth sector, gathering and providing information for young people. We also offer our services to individuals as well as organizations and companies and carry out a wider range of activities by acquiring European funds.

MCT acts according to the law on public interest in the youth sector and follows the legal provisions of this law in the youth field. MCT works mostly at the local level, but in a small region like Zasavje, we connect and work regionally as well. Our vision is that MCT by 2020 will become a development and training center that creates the conditions for better standards for young people and the progress of the whole local community, and encourages young people to become socially responsible. Our vision is based on the belief that young people must become the key holders of development in the region.

Locally and regionally we work with many public institutions, organizations and societies, as we are recognized as a reliable and efficient partner. We also regularly participate in national projects and carry out a number of international activities. We have been carrying out international activities since 2005, and so far we have implemented more than 50 different projects in the framework of various national calls and tenders of European and other programs (hosting and sending seminars, trainings, study visits, youth exchanges, European voluntary service, mobilityprojects within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Program, mobility projects for youth workers, youth local and transnational initiatives, the Progress project, etc.).

In addition to the youth field, MCT runs a youth hostel and café since 2011 and in the period from 2012-2016 we implemented the activities of the tourist information center for the entire Zasavje Region. MCT has 5 full-time employees and 10 permanent employees, who are daily present in the MCT. The MCT building is located in the center of the city and it was built with the funds from the European Regional Development Fund. It has also become the focal point of the city’s events for all generations.

MCT’s human resources and technical capabilities make the organization strong enough to carry out major projects. The team consists of people from different fields (sociologists, political scientists, organizers of work) who have experience in planning, reporting, implementing and managing the content of projects, managing finance, evaluating and reporting in major projects.

PHONE: 00386 3 56 12 880