Trbovlje Youth and Sports Institute

The Trbovlje Youth and Sports Institute (ZMŠT) is a local public body, established in 2020 through the merging of the Trbovlje Youth Centre (MCT) with the Trbovlje Sports Institute. In its youth sector work, ZMŠT collects and provides information for young people, coordinates and implements activities for young people, including securing funding for these, and offers service activities (technical, organisational, professional and counselling). In the field of sports, the Institute is responsible for the management of sports facilities, preparation of facilities for training and competitions, maintenance of facilities and playgrounds, organisation and participation in sports and recreational activities for youth and implementation and coordination of sports programs. In addition to its basic activities, the Institute for Youth and Sports also hosts a café and hotel.

At ZMŠT our priorities are working with young people, helping them gain and develop skills and competences and motivating them to be active participants in decision-making processes. Learning from the Past enables us to do this, as we research our history, learn from it and make sure that it never repeats itself.

Contact: Vesna Lenič Kreže
E-mail: info [at] zmst [dot] si