Stefania Vanoni

Stefania Vanoni, Italy

I have recently retired following a varied working life, first as a technical designer, then in a number of positions in the private sector, and finally in the Civil Hospital of Brescia for a period of 31 years. Committed to peace, during the 70s I became a member of the Italian Communist Party, working to prevent discrimination against women and marginalized people. This I pursued along with the struggle for progress and the development of both working and social conditions. In the 90s I worked as a volunteer in the peace march from Brescia to Perugia, assisting in the logistics of a group of ‘cyclo-environmentalists’ leaving from Brescia on their bicycles, destined for Perugia before marching on towards Assisi. On a more personal level, I love art in all its forms. I am particularly interested in all kind of music including classical, ethnic and jazz. Furthermore, I have been studying acoustic guitar with Maestro Luciano Poli for some years. This reflects my interest in various styles of dance incorporating modern, Middle Eastern, folk and contemporary forms.