LFTP Exhibition launch!

We were excited to launch our Learning from the Past online exhibition at a very special event yesterday evening. At the launch event, attended online by over a hundred people, we introduced the exhibition and explained how it developed. We also showed a special new video we’d made about LFTP and gave visitors a preview tour of the exhibition, which brings all the project outputs together.

Representatives from Lancaster City Museum, Lancaster University and Lancaster City Council spoke about the significance of our project and we also heard from all the project partners about its various impacts – from the importance of uncovering ‘hidden histories’ to the promotion of critical thinking to the building of new networks, skills and capacities.

Audience members were invited to reflect on the value of heritage projects such as ours, which make links between the past and the present, and we had some really thoughtful and insightful feedback. 

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this event and to all those who have contributed to the Learning from the Past exhibition by being part of our project.